nifty fifties style blue and yellow apron

I found these fat quarter packs at Jo-Anns fabric a few weeks ago. I just loved the print it,  I found it reminiscent  of June Cleaver. I wanted an apron so badly made with it. I caught a good sale a while back and was thrilled to take these home.

the fat quarters

Since I was using fat quarters at 18”x21” I wanted to make sure that I made the side hems as small as possible. I used a ribbon to encase the edges.  I love how this turned out . I had never tried it before I think I did it well

stitching the ribbon on right side first

after attaching to the right side of the fabric  as close to the edge as possible I flipped it over   pinned it down to the wrong side and stitched it along as straight as possible

finished side encased in ribbon

I really like to put 2 rows of lace  usually contrasting on my skirts and aprons . it adds so much with so little  I stagger my lace a little depending on the width of my lace

the 2 rows of lace on the bottom

I am very happy with the end result. Im proud that Iwas successful in a new technique I will try ribbon edges more often especially when conserving the size of fabric


I know this wasn’t a tutoria’l  but  if anyone has any questions I will try my best to answer them

24 thoughts on “nifty fifties style blue and yellow apron

  1. Love your apron- with the cute little pocket and lace trim! Very retro 🙂


  2. Jess J. says:

    I was walking through the farmers market last weekend and there was a both set up with beautiful aprons, some skirts some full all with lovely patterns and lace and I said to myself, “One day I want to be that kind of woman.” Right now, however, I’m the woman who wipes flour on her jeans.


  3. Sarah says:

    Charming! When you sew your lace ruffles on the bottom is there something that encases the raw edge, or do you just lay it behind the folded edge of the top fabric?


    • vixilerue says:

      thank you !! I was thinking of encasing it like I did on the sides, but when I stacked the two laces together on the folded edge of top fabric and stitched it real tight, it looked really neat and clean so I decided not to


  4. Mrs.O says:

    This is adorable! So cute!


  5. This is so cute. You make me want an apron myself. ^^


  6. I very much agree with your other readers, they so pretty you couldn’t possibly spoil them with floury hands.

    Thanks for following my blog, yours is cool too!


    • vixilerue says:

      thank you very much, I ended up giving this apron to a 16 year old baking prodigy, it is her first apron, she loved it so much after i gave it to her… long story short, she is doing my wedding cake


  7. Your apron is very cute! I am planning on making a couple of aprons for my grandaughters for Christmas, so I’m in the mood for apron show and tell!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  8. Dorine says:

    Really cute. Love the idea of using ribbons to encase raw edges- is this easier than using Bias tape?


    • vixilerue says:

      Thank You, its a little slippery but i think its pretty and daintier than bias tape 1/4 inch vs 1/2 inch. i honestly haven’t used much bias tape yet, Im still very much learning , but love how this looks


  9. Thanks for dropping by my blog and becoming a follower. I love your apron it is so pretty. I forget to wear an apron and when I remember I am hesitant to get stains on my pretty ones. I think I will make a couple of cheaper ones. Great blog.


  10. Super cute! I think I am going to have to whip one of these up for my 12yo daughter who is obsessed with cooking & all things retro.


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