paisley-metallic fabric for quilt

 I love these fabric pieces I bought Stax bundles and added the green paisley and the middle piece left over from a beer garden skirt I made, its kinda hard to tell but there is a silver metallic running through the Stax bundle. I am planing a rather large square quilt, to showcase  the top right corner paisley.

I have been unable to do much for a few months thanks to a back injury, I have spent this time  collecting fat quarters on sale, and organizing my craft room ( ill share a photo of that one day ) and practicing my embroidery and knitting from the safety of my bed. I have many many plans now  and hope to belt out a number of projects in the near future.


6 thoughts on “paisley-metallic fabric for quilt

  1. addiepray says:

    Beautiful fabrics. Can’t wait to see what you do with them.


  2. Sorry to hear about your bad back. I’ve just organised and converted a bedroom into a craft room, it makes all the difference – sometimes I just sit there! I’m sure your new quilt will be fab, make sure you post pictures as you go along.


    • vixilerue says:

      you are so kind, i will probably share the whole process as it being made, i am pretty sure i will not want to part with it once its completed, at least quilts are incredibly useful


  3. Those are all very lovely fabrics, and I’m looking forward to the completed projects! I especially like the one in the middle. Sorry to hear about your back injury, though, I hope you’re feeling better now.


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