Versatile blog award

I have been nominated  for a versatile blogger award by Lacartera.    Thank you so much. I have looked at many of the blogs that I follow to find the 15 nominations I am to nominate , it was very difficult with so many great ones out there.

Our shabby Nest

Now Here


Growing Grace Farm

Vintage Cordelle


curls n skirls


The little pomegranate

Crafty Suburb momma

Maniacal medievalist

Vintage Loving gal

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Please forgive me if the links above do not work  I have spent hours of   trying to figure out how to them to

According to the rules here are my 7 interesting facts about me

I collect antique toasters

I was Bayfield Colorado’s 4th of July queen 1990

I have been inside one of the largest marble quarries in the world ( very cold )

I’m pushing 20,000 achievement score on xbox live

I have hundreds of vinyl records

My favorite singer is Edith Piaf

My favorite author is Jack London

Thank you  everyone who follows my blog, I hope that this years will be even better.

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Black and White Damask Apron

blk white apron whole The second apron I made as a Christmas present was for my sister in law. I made it fully lined in this beautiful black and white floral damask, with a comfy elastic waistband  and 3 rows of lace 2 black and 1 white  trimming the bottom.


I added a coordinating side ribbon and a strip of black glitter ribbon across the bottom for a little sparkle.



Then a pocket that I matched up to the pattern, so it wouldn’t detract from the skirt like look I was going for.


This was one of my favorite aprons so far. It was a hit at Christmas

Beer-Garden Girl inspired apron


This Christmas  I handmade  most of my presents this year.  While it was stressful and exhausting It was well worth the effort. Everyone was very happy, This fully lined apron I made especially for a Sister in law, it reminded me of a beer garden girl so much I wanted to give her two pint mugs to go with them.



The Brown fuzzy Trim I added was my favorite addition to the apron, it went really nice with the cream eyelet lace. I used four small bows on each end of the side ribbons  that I attached   with the herring bone stitch ( which  when used that way reminds me of fish net)

2012-12-19-151857 I have always felt that having an apron tied around the waist to be uncomfortable, so I started about 7 aprons ago making them with an elastic waistband my mother who is very tiny, loves them since they don’t slid off of her frame.


Adding the pocket was difficult to line up the pattern with out wasting fabric but I succeeded, you can hardly see it, I don’t think the recipient even  realized it was there .2012-12-19-151951