Valentines Orchid Show

Every Valentines day week end my fiance takes me to a local orchid show, while I love all these beautiful exotic blooms, it is the amazing scent of orchids  that  pours out of the entrance  that I remember the most.





2013-02-10-1412392013-02-10-141418 I have been so incredibly busy planning my  diy wedding, It was so nice to put all that aside and enjoy  a quiet moment of tranquility… I just wish I could bottle the scent.

2 thoughts on “Valentines Orchid Show

  1. CurlsnSkirls says:

    We don’t think of orchids as having scent, but you’re right – in masses, they do! Your lovely photos reminded me of a greenhouse full of therm I visited years ago ~ thank you!


  2. vixilerue says:

    Yes they do, and as you walk around the room, the scent kinda changes with what group of flowers your near, it is not quite citusy but not a typical floral scent either.


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