Dragonfly, Roses and Pearl Necklace

This 36″ brass and bronze wirewrapped necklace was for myself. It has red rose beads, glass pearls , jet and fern green Swarovski Element Crystals, bronze leaves and dragonfly wings. I pieced bronze chain to space out the beads. I added a brass bow to the closure to finish it off. This necklace paired perfectly  with my cream and white striped dress that is now my favorite.

Ring Around My Rosies

I love roses, I always  wanted a red rose ring,  but never came across one, when I  got into ring making that was the first thing that came to mind. These are the a few that I wear most often, and they are incredibly comfortable. These rings have become very popular with my loved ones,  and I finally have my red rose ring I always wanted.

Deer Skull Cameo Necklace

I made this 38″ custom cameo necklace for a family member to go with her lovely tattoo. It’s mixed metals, brass and bronze, tigers eye, glass pearls and the crystals are all Swarovski Elements. I added a a brass leaf at the closer as a final touch.

When life gives you lemons…

I have been gone far too long, my life took an unexpected and unstoppable turn, last February  a week after caring for my elder rescue kitty on her deathbed, we received an eviction notice because the landlord sold his house, and wanted to live there for a month while he purchased a new home for himself. We are currently renting from family but have no room for my usual crafts. There is an upside to this , as I have met a woman who taught me to wire wrap jewelry, it’s really has kept me busy and have even received my first custom  order. I will be sharing more with you all soon, so glad to be back.