Acorn Necklace 

One of my favorite movies is My Neighbor Totoro, I loved sharing  it with my niece who love nature and collects acorns, when she turned four, I made her this necklace. Wooden and brass acorn, with glass leaf on brass chain.

Creeper Inspired Christmas Stocking


Made this Minecraft inspired stocking for my youngest nephew, I even found a Minecraft bat plushy to put into it. The green reminded me of a creeper and the red, redstone. The opposite side is reversed, the squares are a red version , and the stone top part is green stone.

It is fully lined, with french seams

Space-invader lotus bag

The other day I received a gift from my boyfriends coworker, I wanted to return the favor so I decided to make him this bag to store his game dice in ( I know its big,  apparently he has a lot of dice ) I found this great fabric this weekend I really love how it looks like they pop out of the bag in colorI hope he likes it They both work in the video game industry so I think it will go over well. This is the second lotus bag I have made, There are instructions on how to make it on a few different sites, If any one really want to make one and cant find instructions , let me know I’ll try to help