Silk Poppy ,Hops and Feather Cascade Wedding Bouquet

I was recently married to the man of my dreams. I made the crazy decision to try to make everything, I mostly succeeded.  I made myself this bouquet after not finding anything vintage enough to go with my 1920-30s look. I never intended on the hops being part of it but  I couldn’t find any foliage I liked better so here it is; dusky purple Poppies, green and white hops, green ranunculus,  cream and green  love lies bleeding and cream feathers.  I covered the holder in a soft moss before adding the flowers so it looks fuller. I really loved how it turned out . My husband ( who is a big H.P Lovecraft fan) told me it looked Cthulhu-ey. while I no longer have my bouquet, I sent it up to be with my ailing aunt who couldn’t make it, it made me so happy, in fact i was informed by my husband that when I stepped out, he heard a gasp followed by “Oh my God look at the bouquet.”

4 thoughts on “Silk Poppy ,Hops and Feather Cascade Wedding Bouquet

  1. Sapling House says:

    Hops! What an interesting inclusion! My fiance is a brewer so this gives me food for thought – he would love it! 🙂


    • vixilerue says:

      thank you. Once I found them, I felt that no other greenery would do. I should also update that this bouquet will be used at another wedding at the end of this month, made me feel good that another bride loved it as much as I did.


  2. Miranda says:

    It is lovely! And yes, the hops is a beautiful unexpected addition. 🙂


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